Friday, February 17, 2006

HTC Startrek

The HTC Startrek is the companies first attempt at a clamshell smartphone. The only popular Windows smartphone with a flip form-factor that I can think of (in my country anyway) is the Motorola MPx200, and I think flip smartphones have a definite market, so it's interesting that HTC have never produced one before. The first to rebadge the handset (as nearly always) will be i-mate, dubbing the model the "i-mate Smartflip".

For the Startrek, they've obviously gained a lot of influence from the Mororola V3 RAZR, as many manufacturers have - not only is it very slim at 15.8mm, but it's barely bigger than a V3 in the rest of its dimensions. The keypad is also reminiscent of a RAZR, with that acid etched metal thing going on. And athough I have to admit that the keypad does look cool, if it's anything like the V3, I won't find it comfortable to use.

What else do we haveā€¦ Well it's got a Texas Instruments OMAP CPU, which due to its lower power consumption, seems to be an increasingly popular choice over Intel Xscale processors. Bluetooth is of course included,however no WiFi on this one - EDGE is as fast as it gets. Screen is a standard QVGA 320 x 240, and the last point of interest is a 2 Megapixel camera.

It doesn't really get my mouth watering, but there really is a gap in the market for this phone, and there will be people who jump all over it. As with many things, if it's done right, it will draw in sales.


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