Wednesday, February 15, 2006

HTC Trilogy

Ok, this is a bit of a sneak attack on HTCs side. The name Trilogy doesn't appear on the companies' Holy grail roadmap, although Trinity is there - so it looks like HTC have changed the name at the last minute.

But again, HTC have proven that they're on the bleeding edge of mobile devices, this time with a phone that streams live TV and DAB radio over IP. That's right, proper TV like E4 and that. For some reason it's going to Virgin Mobile over here, who aren't even a real network, but a virtual one, running over other peoples networks.

Now I know what you're saying, yeah yeah, it's been done before. But the exciting thing about this one (apart from the fact that it looks weird) is that it's running Windows Mobile 5.0 with everything good that that entails. I guess it reminds me of a 7610 in a way.

The last thing is, I wonder if the ability to stream is network locked, or application locked? Or is it locked at all? Hmmm.


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