Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nokia E60

This is weird, I don't feel like I should be writing about this one - after all, it's a "no-nonsense" phone right? The kind that businessmen want, รก la 6230i, right?

Well kind of. This phone is designed to be the successor to the 6230i in that sector, and like the other E series (maybe E stands for Enterprise? Possibly not, as Nokia are a Finnish company, and wouldn't bother naming all their product line in English) there's no internal camera. But, the device does run Symbian Series 60 - what's so good about it?

Well firstly, it looks like Nokia's putting a lot of effort into making this phone robust and reliable, which seems to include battery life although I believe a talk-time of 6 days is either wildly optimistic, or a typo.

Either way, it supports WLAN, 3G, and GPRS, it has 75Mb of internal memory (why this phone and not the N80 I have no idea) and RS DV MMC, a 352 x 416 pixel screen, and Bluetooth 2.0. From the way they phrase it, I'd say that this is going to be one of the first phones on the market with the capability to switch seamlessly from WLAN (for voice over IP) to 3G and GPRS. Big things Nokia, big things.

The last thing of note, is that it supports different screen modes, landscape, and portrait, and the phone is designed with rubber thumb-grips on the keypad for an ergonomic when using the phone in landscape. Looks like all phones are finally getting smarter.


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