Monday, February 06, 2006

Nokia E61

Looks like we have another Blackberry contender here, and Nokias first attempt at this kind of handset (I'm not including the communicators). The first impression I got was that it has a nice big screen (240 x 320), looks pretty big, but for an email-communicator, it looks really nice. I'm also thinking that being designed so obviously for office-based functions rather than multimedia, the processor probably isn't too fast.

Out of the 5 "key features" the two that stike me are that it has a backlit keyboard (good), and a ridiculous 16 million colours . I mean seriously, is there any way the human eye can differentiate that level of colour depth? Doubt it… another very prominent feature is the lack of a camera. This again shows the marketing direction, with many workplaces banning camera-phones amidst fears of data theft.

The phone has WiFi built in, which to be honest is becoming a common although very welcome feature, whereas the phone itself is 3G. The phone has an impressive 75Mb of phone memory, and support for MiniSD cards, which given the office-centric skew of the device should be plenty.

The last function of note is the increased support of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel - likely to be geared more towards opening and viewing email attachments rather than editing documents, but you never know.


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