Thursday, February 09, 2006

Samsung SPH-V8200: Stupid.

Samsung have made an 8 Megapixel cameraphone, for a niche market of NO-ONE. This is because any professional photographer probably wouldn't use a cameraphone to take photos, and anyone else just doesn't need an 8 Megapixel camera.

Lets be honest, how many people actually need pictures with a print-size of 10x8 inches? The second point is, that a raw image file 8 Megapixels in size is roughly 45Mb. So if you wen't out and got yourself a 1Gb SD card (which are admittedly quite cheap), you'd be able to store about 20 images on there. Not a great deal.

Samsung say that the picture quality rivals high-end (professional) digital cameras, which I find hard to believe. It's hard to get really good results from a small lens, and there are many other components that make up a good camera. It seems to me that this "Megapixel race" between Korean manufacturers is a publicity "proof of concept" stunt, which unfortunately has been pushed onto consumers. Until harddrives are standard in mobile devices, or flash storage like SD gets a chance to catch up, I don't think there is a need or a space in the market for this kind of device.

And anyway, it's not even a smartphone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly. As someone who takes a lot of amatuer photographs, I can't think of a ood use for this. I like the idea of finally using a proper CCD instead of CMOS but it's got a fixed lens and not a very high wuality one so it's wasted. Also, there are no proper controls like apeture or f-stop control. This won't be a good enough camera for photographers and it'll be way too powerful for most mobile phone users. It seems to me to be technology for the sake of looking good. If Samsung put money into improving their shoddy sync software or getting SyncML on their phones then I might start taking them seriously.

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