Friday, January 20, 2006

HTC Muse

Here's the downlow on HTC's upcoming musicphone - this isn't new information, but it's definitely one to watch: It won't be available until the end of the year, which is an awful long time to wait. But some of the features may be worth the wait.

Like how about 4Gb of flash memory, how would that do you, huh? You like Music? How about the built-in FM radio? You mant more music? Damn, I guess you're lucky it supports the oh-so-cheap and ubiquitous SD card format. (subject to further speculation - some sources suggest it may be microSD/Transflash - if so, my rant below is null and void :D)

But here's the rub: A 4Gb musicphone realeased now would corner the market. In fact, truth be told, it would likely have a detrimental effect on HTC's current lineup. By releasing it so late, they'll firstly be competing against Nokias N91 (Which should release first), and secondly, I'd expect power-users (read: geeks) to be wielding their mighty 4Gb SD cards by then. We've already got 1Gb cards as the optimal priced choice, with 2Gb selling at £70.

I digress. The other features are worthy of attention - see the camera on the front? That's right it's rocking the UMTS, along with GPRS and GSM.It's got a worthy 416Mhz processor, WiFi, Irda (natch), 2.1 mega-pixel camera, with flash *deep breath*, and TV out. With the 4Gb of flash, HTC have just turned this into a very versatile PMP into the bargain.
The last item of notice is the square 240 x 240 QVGA touchscreen.
That's just stupid.

Here are the specs as we know them for HTC's iPod molester:

  • 4Gb of NAND flash

  • WiFi

  • TV-out

  • Windows Mobile 5


  • FM Radio

  • 2.1 Megapixel camera

  • 416Mhz processor

  • Triband

  • Bluetooth, infrared

  • 240x240 QVGA touchscreen

  • Start saving.



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