Friday, February 24, 2006

Gigabyte g-Smart

Gigabyte Communications Inc (interesting name choice - probably won't sound quite so good in 5 years) have launched a new smartphone - the g-Smart. This looks like a slick little device, and claims to be the first PDA phone featuring TV. To be honest, that has several connotations, so I'm not going to argue with them, but what we're looking at is a small Windows Mobile 5 device in a slider form-factor, and some interesting other features…

First of all, I'd like to point out, that looking at the product description on (Gigabytes website), it's easy to believe the handset has built-in GPS - it doesn't. It has PaPaGo G10 GPS software included with maps of Taiwan - you'd need to buy a separate GPS reciever to use the software.

The main selling point of the device though is that it's got a TV tuner which receives NTSC and PAL television signals, which as far as I'm aware, means you'll be able to receive analogue TV signals over here in England (by Analogue, I mean the 5 terrestrial channels). Neat eh?

Other things the device has… hmmm - an English - Chinese two-way dictionary. Nice thought, but not the kind of thing most people are looking for in a device. They could have possibly left this out, and left it to 3rd parties to supply it to those who really need it.

To show the numeric keypad, the phone incorperates the slider mechanism popularized in phones such as the Samsung E800, D500 and D600. I have to say the keypad doesn't really look that pretty.

The device is running Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC edition, which means it also comes with all the other features you know and love - Bluetooth (1.2), Touchscreen (262k, 240 x 320), WiFi (802.11b - the slow one), Intel Xscale 412Mhz Processor (pretty much standard at tho mo), MiniSD, 64Mb ROM, 64Mb RAM… There's not much this phone doesn't have - for it's size at least.


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