Wednesday, March 08, 2006


I have no idea who makes this device, but they're either an insane genius, or … just insane. First impression: ugly. And thick. Yeah, but it needs to be that thick to fit it 2 QVGA screens, an 8Gb Hard drive, an Xscale 624Mhz processor with graphics accelerator and video RAM. That's insane, right? Not even close. Hit the read link for more surprises after the jump.

I'm gonna have to hurry to finish this post before I go into seizure. We haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. What does this phone not have? Apart from style? UMTS. Yes the one thing this phone cannot do that others can is it's not 3G compatible. I guess you could throw EV-DO into the mix, but no-one expects that. The thing has 512Mb ROM, 512Mb RAM compared to most devices 64/64. It's quad band, with EDGE, GPRS, WiFi 802.11b (the slow one), Bluetooth 2.0, GPS - it even has video out!

Oh, but wait, I'm not finished. It has a hookup for USB printers. A QWERTY keyboard. It has two - count them - 2 Megapixel cameras. And sure, it does weigh 300 grams, but then again, it probably includes a teleporter.

BTW, thanks Dwayne for the hookup.


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